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It is different than every other mastermind out there.

We curate all the members to ensure they fit this criteria:

Earn at least $500,000 per year - most members are making multiple 7 figures per year

Zero “sleeze” policy - this isn’t your old boys club of internet marketers, hard sellers, and scammy copywriters. We don’t allow it, and they aren’t even considered.

Create mainstream brands with high integrity - we look for people who want to build long term businesses, and not “get rich quick” money making programs.

Community focused - we look for individuals who want to build powerful communities and make an impact with their audience

Action Takers - those committed to the goals they set, and stay accountable to making them happen.

Giving Attitudes - those who give more than they take, and want to support others as they know helping others achieve their goals will ultimately support in achieving their own.

In short, this is for any entrepreneur who wants to grow into becoming the #1 trusted authority in your industry, stand out from the rest, and make a massive impact on your community and the world.

If you don’t meet this criteria, then do not apply below for this mastermind as it’s not the right fit for you yet.

I'm asked every week to give one-on-one coaching for entrepreneurs and every now and then I take on a client (at $10,000 per half day).

I turn down many because I'm so focused bringing my vision to life while running my business. I've just never been able to scale the one-on-one thing...

But that has all changed with...

People come to me for coaching for many different reasons...

Some have hundreds of thousands of followers but they aren't bringing in the income they want. Others have all the authority and expertise in the world but have yet to harness their ideas into the programs and courses that will make them financially free.

Still others have amazing programs and offers but no audience ready to buy them. Some are stuck at the 6 figure level, not sure how to break through to the next level of profit

Most of my mastermind students want to:

  • Become more mainstream/credible
  • Increase their income /scale/build out a powerful team without it taking more time
  • Learn how to grow and scale their income
  • Connect with some of the most influential people in the world

What most people need is the right coach, accountability from a group of high level performers who they trust, and the tools and proven information that will get them to the goal they desire.

This powerful mastermind is also for influencers looking for specific things that I've already done like:


How to earn 7-8 figures a year from online courses.


How to launch a New York Times Bestselling book (and learn the exact, proven strategy I used)


How to have a top 100 ranked podcast (We get over 2 million downloads a month!)


How to connect with celebrities, billionaires, and the biggest influencers in the world for interviews.


How to build a social media following of millions of people and create viral content.


How to get paid $50,000 per speech, in and outside of your industry, for one hour of your time.


How to get crazy traffic, generate thousands of leads per day, and be "seen" everywhere.


How to attract mega mainstream press (media like Ellen, People Magazine, Fox, The TODAY Show, New York Times, Fast Company, etc)


How to run high level, exceptional events (and how to stand apart from all the average events out there)


How to create immense impact and contribution in the world with your work.


How to build and scale a powerful team of supportive people who are aligned with the vision you are trying to create for your business.


How to build high level coaching programs that bring in multiple 6 to 7 figures a year.

And much more!

If you'd love to get your business and brand to achieve any of these results, then make sure to apply right now because this mastermind is going to fill up on a first come, first served basis!

What else can you expect from this mastermind?

  • Weekend retreats with celebrities sharing their secrets
  • Top business millionaires and billionaires teaching their strategies
  • One-on-one hot seats
  • Exclusive experiences you can't buy anywhere
  • A community of leaders to partner with and connect on various projects

Mastermind Speakers

Through the relationships I’ve built over the years, I offer access to celebrity influencers who this exclusive group of students would never get to connect with.

As a mastermind member, you’re able to learn from and ask questions to directly to these influencers.

We curate speakers to match the group’s needs, bringing in past guests like:

Brendon Burchard #1 High Performance Coach, #1 NYT

Rob Dyrdek MTV Host, Investor

Grant Cardone Multimillionaire Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author

Jake Paul Actor, Top YouTuber

Steve Cook Fitness Model, Top YouTuber

Bedros Keuilian Top Fitness Mastermind Trainer

Remi Franklin Celebrity Social Media Strategist, Founder of Light Switch Digital

Marshall Morris Social Media Strategist, Founder of HomeLife Media

Salim Sader Co-Founder of Goalcast

Cyrus Gorjipour Co-Founder of Goalcast

Gabrielle Bernstein #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Scooter Braun Celebrity Music Manager

Jeff Walker Creator, Profit Launch Formula

Jay Shetty Former Monk and Media Influencer

Reid Tracy President and CEO, Hayhouse Publishing

Matthew Hussey Top Online Dating Coach

Neil Strauss NYT Bestselling Author

Rory Vaden NYT Bestselling Author, 8 Figure Entrepreneur, & World Renowned Speaker

Tai Lopez Investor and Entrepreneur

"When I was calculating the value of meeting and learning from all the people Lewis brings in for us to learn from and ask direct questions to, it was absolutely mind-blowing. This is not something you could experience on your own. Lewis has worked so hard to create these relationships and he’s opened his heart to all of us to come learn with him and from him."
"In 1 week after a coaching call with Lewis, I made $60,000" - Amber Lilyestrom

What mastermind students have to say...

Speakers were fantastic. It’s great to learn from people who are otherwise unavailable. Lewis has friendships with people who aren’t on podcasts or stages - the content is unique and custom to us. - Cole Hatter
The connections alone helped me generate an additional $500,000 in the first half of the year. Everyone in the group wants to push you to your best level. Lewis attracts great people to learn and grow quickly. - Sterling Griffin
Lewis has such an impact on all the people around him. He has such an impressive network that would be far out of reach for someone with a business like me. - Ryan Grant
I made my money back the first day of the first time we got together. The accountability has been the greatest value for me. My projects and income have skyrocketed. Lewis is the ultimate connecter - he connects you to the right idea, connector, agency that you didn’t even know existed. This mastermind has been a game changer. - Chris Harder
Lewis has been massively impactful. Lewis pulls your greatness out of you beyond what you think is possible. - Lori Harder
The group he brings together is extremely powerful. He helps you step into your goals in a much bigger way than you would ever do on our own. - Suzanne Adams
As a business owner, I’ve joined some other masterminds, but the advice I got wasn’t practical. Lewis is on brand with greatness. I’ve gotten information from him and speakers he brings in that’s tangible information that I can and have applied in my business to see dramatic results. - Bill Glaser
Excited to learn how to work smarter not harder and how to empower a team to make an impact. Lewis gets really good people together, inspiring, inspirational, impactful people in a room together - Jenna Kutcher
I’ve sees a lot of coaches online, Lewis just stuck out to me. He goes out of his way to get the best guests, asks the best questions. This weekend I thought everything was tailored just to me, because it’s exactly what I needed for where I am in my life. - Dr. Michael DiMarco
Lewis hand selected guests that spoke to what we needed on a deeper level. We are learning how to make a long term impact on our business. Having Lewis believe is us in invigorating and inspiring. - Darren Natoni and Danielle Natoni
Realized how quickly I can grow my business online and make an impact. - Mike Zeller
A lot of what I wanted to do has felt really scary, and I would make excuses not to do it. Now I feel really excited to make an online course and not only do I know how to but I feel like I really can do it. - Dr. Lauren Noel

Since space is very limited, we're accepting participants on a first come, first served basis. You must meet the criteria above to apply and you will get a response if we feel are the right fit for the group. Apply using the form below.

Your Mastermind Coach: LEWIS HOWES

LEWIS HOWES is a New York Times Bestselling author of the hit book, The School of Greatness. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high performance business coach and keynote speaker. A former professional football player and two-sport All-American, he is a current USA Men’s National Handball Team athlete. He hosts a top 100 iTunes ranked podcast, The School of Greatness, which has over 40 million downloads and 500 episodes since it launched in 2013. Lewis was recognized by The White House and President Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the country under 30. Details Magazine called him one of “5 Internet Guru’s that can Make You Rich.” Lewis is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur and has been featured on Ellen, The Today Show, The New York Times, People, Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Health, and other major media outlets.

10X Your Income, Influence and Impact.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and make this your biggest year ever then apply below. Once you do, you'll move to the next stage where we see if you qualify for a one-on-one call, including all the other details.

This is a high level, exclusive, 12 month experience, and that means you must make 6 figures to apply due to the premium mastermind rate.

If this is you, take a moment right now to fill out the short application below, and once we review it, we'll contact you to set up a 30-minute strategy call.